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Hair Conditioner/Tonic


Healthy hair starts in the roots and a balanced and nourished scalp can make a big difference and improve the quality of hair immensely.


This leave in hair conditioner/tonic is a mix of herbal infused organic apple cider vinegar, herbal tea, a tiny amount of baking soda to adjust pH and essential oils. All of the herbs and essential oils used are known to promote hair growth and health and are very beneficial for a healthy scalp as they boost circulation, balance and nourish it.


How to use it ... spray it onto your hair and especially onto the scalp after washing your hair. Another way of using it is to freshen up your hair and make it smell nicely on days you don’t want to wash it. Again spray it onto the hair and scalp and brush your hair. No need to wash it out! If you tend to have really dry hair I recommend adding a few drops of oil to the spray such as olive oil, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose or argan oil. Or let me know and I’ll add it for you as I’ve got all those yummy oils around.

hair colour & size


    - herbal infused organic apple cider vinegar (nettle, chamomille, birch)

    - herbal tea

      (light hair - licorice root, chamomile, elderflower, linden flower, birch)

      (dark hair - rosemary, nettle, hibiscus flowers, calendula, birch)

    - baking soda (ph adjuster)

    - therapeutic grade essential oils (rosemary, lavender, ylang ylang)


    My aim is to have happy and satisfied customers! If there are any issues at all please get in touch!


    Products are usually sent on their way within 3-5 working days of receiving the order. I only make small batches of each product which means you get a fresh, high quality product.

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