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Let's start with the bottom line for a change!
The one thing I highly appreciate and deeply care for is Mother Nature.

Nature has it to be full of riddles and challenges ...


Nature has it to be full of riddles and challenges as if that weren't the case we would have a solution for every health related issue. Trying to see the bigger picture and getting to the root of a problem is

inevitable in the search for a solution that lasts.

By the way my name is Nicole and right now I'm living in New Zealand.

The growing up happened in a different country though. Switzerland. Yes, Alps, Heidi, Cheese and Chocolate.
I practically grew up outdoors as that is where I loved to spend most of my time. My mum, grandparents and aunt spent a lot of time with us kids outdoors.

I didn't know at the time that they were teaching me a lot about plants and nature. And if we could find some edibles along the way it was always a welcome bonus. A great way to grow up!

Later on I became a nurse and then a physiotherapist in Switzerland. Even though I never got registered in one of those professions here in New Zealand the medical background and knowledge of the human body remains.

I chose a different path and quite like that my business consists of three parts.

Natural products & herbal creams, Pilates and Massage. They complement each other nicely and meeting a lot of people is hugely beneficial for creating wickiwell products.

There is no better way to learn about the human body than by observing it.

There is also no better way to learn about Nature than to spend time in or with it.

The result is a huge respect for it and I'm often astonished by Nature's power.
When I go out to gather herbs for wickiwell products it has to be the best quality possible. I take great care in choosing the right moment and place to harvest herbs, dry them or turn them into products. Exceptional quality is what I aim for!

I'm always happy to help people find a natural solution for anything. Health related or not.
Today I find we're bombarded with chemicals or even worse toxins from the inside and the outside. For me it's simply about reducing as many chemicals as possible as I don't want my body to waste energy on dealing or be overburdened with it. And don't forget that the skin is our largest organ. It absorbs most things it gets in contact with.

I want to encourage people to get in touch with me for any questions!

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